Welcome to the Northgate High School Half-Life Level Page

This is a joint venture senior project that involves modeling Northgate in a 3-D environment using the Half-Life 3-D engine. This place will inform the many of you who expressed interest in our project. Most will proabaly come here for screenshots, others may want to download the level, both of which are on the latest page. Enjoy and be sure to give us some comments/criticism.

This Just In...

Our plans are to present the virtual Northgate using an LCD projector, so you will be able to see a walk-thru of Northgate in 3-D and life-size!!!

Under Way

05.01.01   still making library section
05.01.01   working on 2nd floor and office level

05.01.01   Still doing skies/backdrops. Decals like rust, stains, tiles, and signs are being added.

trying to help dan out with the building, I'm doing the teacher's area & lounge & cafeteria tables area

05 01 01

Paper is done. Clear sailing (for seniors) for the rest of high school.....mmmm. Me and Dan are kicking it in gear because the deadline's a 'commin. We havent really done much the last month, because of the paper, and because we're lazy.

Stuff will be getting much more presentable and playable. We tested it multiplayer - its awesome to say the least. We'll release multiplay versions, and possibly a Counter-Strike version, some people have offered help with that.

04 12 01

The paper and other assignments are picking up again. Oh well, worldcraft is being a bit better about compiling, and we're having fun. I hope people are getting something out of this place. This site has gotten more streamlined so there shouldn't be major changes aside from the periodic screenshot and file updates.

We're learning how tough this stuff is. We have decided to not make all the classroom areas, so no industrial art wing and nothing past the restroom/room40 area. We still want to make Frank walking around the school, though. That would just be way too cool not to do... but it's hard, real hard. But, again tell us what you think would be best to spend time on.

03 22 01

With the paper now out of the way, uh somewhat, work resumes... Dan is wrestling with worldcraft, but he's putting out some awesome stuff. Aside from the transparencies and skies, I am making textures tailored to what Dan's built. This place comes last.

We urge any and all of you to make contributions to our final product. We could use pictures of:
-Yourself, we can put you in the level
-A sign of yours to put around the school
-Your car for the parking lot

-Anything else you want to see in virtual Northgate
... also, contact us with the things you think would look cool. Chances are, we will incorporate your ideas.


Радиоактивное заражение атмосферы и местности или вторичное ядерное излучение (~15% энергии ядерного взрыва) возникает при выпадении РВ из облака, образовавшегося над ядерным взрывом или разрушенным ядерным реактором. Распадаясь в воздухе, осев на землю, РВ испускают  и -частицы и -лучи.  - частицы — это поток ядер гелия, возникающих при ядерных превращениях; проникающая способность — несколько сантиметров в воздухе, но высокая ионизирующая способность, поэтому они наиболее опасны при внутреннем облучении, попадая в организм с воздухом, пищей и водой. -частицы — это поток электронов; проникающая способность в воздухе — несколько метров; от облучения -частицами эффективно защищает обычная одежда; на открытых участках тела могут быть радиационные ожоги.  и -частицы, -лучи , нейтроны ионизируют среду, т. е. разбивают атомы и молекулы веществ на разнополярные ионы, поэтому их называют ионизирующим излучением (ИИ). На человека оно воздействует тремя путями: 1) внешнее облучение от радиоактивного облака и РВ, осевших на землю, т. е. воздействие через кожу; 2) внутреннее облучение при вдыхании РВ, выпадающих из облака, и нуклидов, вторично попавших в воздух с загрязненной поверхности. Нуклид — это атом с различным числом протонов и нейтронов в ядре, способный к радиоактивному распаду; 3) внутреннее облучение от загрязненных пищи и воды, т. е. через желудочно-кишечный тракт.

chris kenny & dan otero
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